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Birthed from a passion project during lockdown, with the eagerness to connect to those on their personal growth journey & to share my discoveries, we are now a group of personal development besties and group coaching conversations are happening each month.

I have intentionally kept these groups in numbers of 5-6 to keep the conversations in depth. If you would like to join, we will be opening another group soon and let us know more about you here!

Topics we explore:

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Armed with an artistic background, creativity has always been a big part of my wellbeing & identity. I introduce the group to creative journaling exercises and encourage one another to keep our creative passions alive! We hold each other accountable for the idea, project, and life we want to create.

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This past year has brought wellbeing to my priority and I found much peace in mindfulness & meditation, and empowering our group to adopt mindful practices with more healthy mindsets and we tackle our limiting beliefs together such as perfectionism, saying no etc. We talk about creating a holistic wellbeing.

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We may all be at different stages from our lives, but in our group we are all embracing and open to helping each other with our own journey & experiences. Be it fresh grads looking for career advice or those looking for a mid-career change, we are all managing transitions and supporting each other in the space.

What our members say:

Supportive, mindful, refreshing.

-Group Member

For me this group I describe in one word it is love , everyone inspired me to love my self better so I can give love for another.

-Group Member

Let’s grow, create & learn together!